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Are comprised of individuals who are participating in our monthly recurring gift program to support our mission!

It's Affordable
By making a monthly gift, our SB STARS invest in what is best for their financial means. Over the course of a year, these gifts become much more impactful.

It's a Community
Becoming a SB STARS Ambassador, gives you the opportunity to join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making a sustaining commitment to our agency.

It's Sustained Support
Recurring gifts ensure we can continue empowering our individuals’ hopes and dreams, providing the highest level of quality care, enhancing our homes and program spaces and retaining our dedicated team.

Super STARS - $25 Monthly/$300 Annually

Stellar STARS - $50 Monthly/$600 Annually

Spectacular STARS - $75 Monthly/$900 Annually

Stupendous STARS - $100 Monthly/$1,200 Annually
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